Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ahhh, Saturday, how I love you.

Here is what we are doing today:

That is absolutely Maggie-dog's chair, and we have finally given up all effort to reclaim it. The only encroachment allowed by any other animals, as you can see from the picture, is the lovely re-upholstery that Valentine-kitty has done with her claws.... Seriously, we have given up on that chair.

In case you can't tell, Valentine, my sweet, fluffy girl, is sleeping in a bread basket in the dining room. The Mom just loves it when she does that.... But I think it is adorable, especially since I can't figure out why you would need to use a bread basket, anyway. I am not one for formal dining gee-gaws, makes a much better cat bed in my opinion!

I sent a GREAT email to my friend Wolfgang (Hi, Wolfgang!), but it got eaten by the internet and never arrived. He had said something about me being a knitting and blogging maniac now, and I thought a lot about it. To the non-knitters out there, I tend to react kind of defensively.... I considered carefully this time, and came up with a brilliant response. I emailed, into the ether though it was, that I am so happy to be so happy about something right now, that I don't even care what anyone else thinks of it... Other than a strong urge to share the knitting love! I am rambling and not making much sense here, but what it boils down to is that I am absolutely immersing myself in knitting, sewing, creating, and the blog world of the similar minded. And it makes me smile. Too bad the email didn't survive....

It also made me contemplate one of the things making me the most happy right now: My cup is positively running over with creative possibilities right now. First there is the new wonder-machine, bearer of endless sewing potential! I am dying to sew my first Amy Butler bag!! I have a very strong urge to shirk all other responsibility today and start cutting out fabric! Or at the very least, sew the monkey lining for my Bravo Bag which has been languishing.... Right now I am pretty dedicated to working on the You-tee that I started, however. I got several inches behind me while watching DVR'd episodes of Saving Grace and Castle....

and may I take a moment to say, I heart Nathan Fillion. I loved him in Firefly, and I love him nearly as much as Rich Castle.... Sigh.

Back to crafting. I think I could finish the back of the You-tee today if I really stuck with it. (That doesn't sound like me, does it??) As far as knitting goes, the possibilities are almost endless for starting something new, too. We all know how we love to start something new... I have baby knitting to do, for Debbie and Courtney. (Happy!) I have a bag to make for a Bat Mitzvah for Julie's daughter. I have the Minimalist Cardigan calling to me from a box of yarn in the other room.... AND, I got new patterns!!

I ordered two Classic Elite leaflets. Something about their patterns really appeals to me, so I got John's Bay and Round Pond from the new spring line. I have become very attracted to summer knitting suddenly! Originally, I got interested in getting the classic elite patterns because of this tank on the right. I think this is so pretty, and has such a summery appeal. I wish I could afford to make it in the Premier yarn that it calls for, in that exact mulberry color, but cost wise, I can't do it. I priced the yarn yesterday at around 60$ plus tax and shipping. Can't have that. I believe I will be able to sub Knit Picks Shine Sport for that, however and come out at less than 30$. Way more my speed. Only having paid for the room for Stitches keeps me from ordering it today!!

Now that I have the booklets, I have found MANY more patterns that I want to start... Hold me back!! Can I make every one of these before it is cold again?? I think Knit Picks and I have a beautiful future together, at least as far as summer knitting goes!! I think the next one will be the stripy tee..... Oh, how I love the possibilities!

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lunaticraft said...

How adorable those shirts are! Can't wait to see them, if you make them. And how adorable your animals are too!

And oh my goodness, I also heart Nathan Fillion. Everyone always looks at me funny when I say that, so it's really nice to find a kindred spirit!