Friday, March 13, 2009


There it is, my own little slice of cubicle heaven.... From which I am sprung for the weekend! Everything worked correctly today, so it was slightly less painful than yesterday, but MAN what a week! I am really, really happy not to have to be back until Monday.... Sigh. Can you see all four flamingos that I managed to squeeze in this single picture??
Funny story about the system outage that we had yesterday: Someone at our remote server changed out a switch (not that I know what that entails) in mid-afternoon, and to do so unplugged a network cable. And then forgot to plug it back in. For like 11 hours. I don't feel so very silly about not guessing that my customers forgot to turn their servers on....
On the home front, the Maggie-dog didn't manage to kill herself this time, despite her best efforts. Her gums are nice and bright pink and she seems her usual energetic self. Right now she is throwing some little doggie fit, but so far she hasn't learned to talk like Lassie.... She has just been out and we just checked her food bowl. The only thing I can think of is that Matt is sitting in her seat! Too bad, doggie. (I am so glad she is ok. Love the doggie.)
Haven't knit a stitch since lunch yesterday.... I have been too busy reading knitting blogs to knit! Ravelry has this thread, see, so I have subscribed to like a hundred new blogs. I love them all.... And read all the samples that Google Reader gave me! Ravelry is both my biggest inspiration to knit and my biggest deterrent to getting any knitting done! Oh, love/hate relationships!!
This weekend I plan to knit and knit. Once again I vow to finish Brenda's Brea bag, at least the knitted part of it. Then all that will be left is the crazily difficult lining to be done! But the fact that it is made from monkey fabric will surely make that burden a little easier to bear, right? Who wouldn't love to work with monkey fabric, even if they had to sew a freaking 3D pentagon!!
I have some thinking to do about the upcoming Stitches South. I only get to go for one day, so I have to plan a strategy.... I have been reading others' blogs about the recently finished Stitches West, and apparently I will need a good plan!! I don't want to miss anything worth seeing, and I surely don't want to go all nutty and buy the wrong things. I am not rich (unless I win the lottery, but that is not today's life strategy!) so I have to be careful. What do I want to make?
And what do I want to WEAR?? When I went to SAFF, it seemed that I was the only one that didn't have something I had made to wear. There were Wisterias everywhere I looked. I love that one and want to make it, but this will be late April in Atlanta. I don't want to melt.... I wonder if I could wear the Beachcomber Tunic if I finished it? The only thing lacking on that one is the seaming and the neck edging. It would be good to have it finished! However breezy it may seem, though, it is still made out of Silky Wool. I wonder if that would be too hot?
Hmmm. I shall have to ponder the possibilities. Maybe I have time to make a tank.
My sewing machine should be here in 9 days! The countdown has begun!

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lunaticraft said...

You're rocking the double monitors? Oh man, so jealous. I really need to invest.

Haha, I get caught up in blog world easily as well. In fact, I spent all yesterday sitting on the couch browsing blogs, when I had intended to update my own!