Tuesday, March 3, 2009

End of vacation blues.

So, here I am at the end of the brief vacation that I finally wrestled out of my boss.... She is very nice, but felt like we had too much going on for anyone to take vacation. Possibly from now to the end of time. Persistently asking seems to have paid off for me this time.
I had all kinds of plans to get bags cut out and sewn, sweaters knitted and sewn together, relaxation done.... Of course, none of that happened. Getting something done would apparently violate my unspoken New Year's resolution against such things.
I did drive to Raleigh to see Meredith. During what had to be this year's nastiest weather yet.... It poured rain all day Saturday, so cars were throwing up that grey mist that makes it completely impossible to see one foot in front of your car. Meredith had to work, so I stopped at Southpoint Mall to see if someone could cut my hair. Made the mistake of showing up at 10:30, and they couldn't do it until 2:15. So, in search of a good haircut, I spent over five hours at the mall, by myself!! (That includes the haircut.... I am not THAT bad at subtraction!!) Wildly boring, and in horribly inappropriate shoes. I greeted all predictions of the weather with patent disbelief the week before.... And wore high heeled boots and no coat for the whole weekend. I walked entirely too much and froze my ass off the entire time!
The good news is that I got a great haircut. I hated to go shorter, because I am missing my long hair, but getting rid of the flaps in front of my ears was a necessity. I told Jasmine, who rescued me, that I looked like a cocker spaniel, and she didn't disagree.... She not only rescued me, she labored tirelessly to straighten my hair, something I had given up as impossible, and so for my visit it was shiny and smooth and resembled no species of dog whatsoever! Good job Jasmine. You made waiting at the mall nearly an entire day worth it!
After Meredith got off work, we checked into the hotel and I gave her the Alpine I made her for Christmas. Yes, I am aware that it is March. We hadn't seen each other.... I think she really liked it, wore it that evening. It looked great on her, just like I imagined and she remembered the shopping trip that inspired the knitting. She mentioned wanting mittens, so she may get this year's only knitted Christmas present! It is so nice to knit for someone who loves the product!
She gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble, so we went there immediately and I bought the 2-at-a-time Socks book so I could immediately start knitting socks. I do not know why I have been stricken with the overwhelming urge to knit socks, but I have. I am most of the way through Twilight from that book. Ironically, despite the 2-at-a-time instructions, I am knitting one at a time on double points.... AC Moore has gone quickly down hill, and had no size one circulars, much less any of the 40" variety. Learning a new technique will have to wait apparently.
Meredith is a very good sport about doing something so boring for her as going to craft stores, and she humored me when I proceeded to carry the sock making supplies all around Chapel Hill for the rest of the day....
We had dinner at Aki Hanna, my favorite Japanese place on the planet, then on Sunday at the world's best Mediterranean place, the Med Deli. Oh, how I miss those two places. Sigh.
All in all it was a fun trip, but holy cow, what horrible timing for the drive!! The drive back, which came earlier than I wanted due to the potential of 10" of snow coming soon. The same horrible conditions all the way to the SC border. There it shut off like somebody had flipped a switch... It felt like it took 14 hours to get home.
And for the next two days, I have knitted on my sock. My brother and I watched The Dark Knight together, which was great, and then we both got sick today. Don't ask me about the complete meltdown I had in the car yesterday. None of it bears repeating. And now, I am gearing myself up to make the trek into work tomorrow. Despite the fact that we are supposed to be learning many new duties this month, which should get my blood moving, I am having a hard time mustering any enthusiam at all. I just don't wanna. How does vacation go so fast?????

Tomorrow I will stop knitting long enough to gather the energy to post a sock in progress picture! How did I not love sock knitting before now??

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Ian said...

Hey, you know those booties I wear all the time? Well, I've worn through the bottoms of all of them from wearing them all the time and I can't find a replacement anywhere. I went to Target, Bed-bath-beyond, and every department store in the mall. Feel like making me one? Basically, no elastic and a few sizes bigger, so 14 or so (I'm 12/12.5). A fabric that's warm, but not too warm, so maybe no wool. But I wear through them pretty fast, so maybe something tough or perhaps some sort of padding on the bottom, some layer of tougher material (wool?). What do you think?