Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fate strikes down the You-tee.

I swear, this yarn is cursed!! I got to the armhole shaping on the You-tee, and counted to make sure that I had bound off the right number of stitches. Only to find that I had THIRTY MORE STITCHES THAN I WAS SUPPOSED TO. I apparently lost my mind and cast on for the largest size, three sizes bigger than I was supposed to be knitting. And then knit 14 inches with that many stitches before I thought to count.

I debated and debated, then RIPPED OUT 14 INCHES of knitting. Is my frustration coming through in my liberal use of capital letters?

Remember, this is the yarn that tried initially to be a kimono, but whose cast on edge BROKE. This is fate punishing me for bragging earlier today that I could finish the back of this sweater today, isn't it??

Since I am posting, I shall give a quick craft update.... I went to Barnes & Noble this evening and had coffee and looked at craft books. I love those fabulous fluffy chairs in front of our local craft section.... I had a great evening and eventually bought a cool new sewing book called Sew What! Bags by Lexie Barnes. It has some great information in the front and nice, simple, lovely bags. I especially like the messenger bags, and am considering several for presents! My Amazon order came before I left, containing my Interweave Press Simple Style knitting book, too. I see all kinds of things there that I want to make, but all of it seems like cool weather knitting, so I am going to stay focused on the summer things that I have already picked out.... As mentioned in the post from just earlier today!!! (Is this proof that I am obsessed with blogging? That I couldn't resist posting for the second time in one day?? Maybe it is just proof that I have had entirely too much caffeine today!)

Speaking of that Classic Elite wish list.... I broke down and made a Knit Picks order today, too.... I got the yarn to make the v-neck tank in a great, deep purple color. The Shine Sport has a very similar fiber content and cost less than half the price of the yarn called for. And, since I am a sucker for a shameless marketing ploy, I also got the yarn for the stripy top down tee. I am making it out of CotLin, again nearly the same content for significantly less money, in the color Pomegranate. It is so, so beautiful! So, if I don't anger the gods of knitting fate again, I should have an olive green, half sleeved tee, a purple tank with lacy details, and a deeply red raglan sweater in my favorite fabric, linen! All by the end of this summer. I am very excited!

And now I am going to go knit row four of that stupid tee again... until I crash from the caffeine high.... :-)

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lunaticraft said...

Oh no! Frogging is the worst... I'm sorry to hear you had to do that. Better luck on this restart. =D