Thursday, March 12, 2009

So, when I say tomorrow....

I apparently mean more than a week later!! I can't believe the disconnect I hm having with time recently. This week seems to have taken most of my life to pass, but now I look back and it feels like 15 minutes since I wrote last. Maybe it is part of getting older, but the passage of days has taken on Twilight Zone surreality....

Here is what I wrote to Julie today about the sensation I had being at work this morning:

"I don’t know why, but I have a burning desire not to be here today. I like this job, and I am glad to have it, but I want to go back to Starbucks this morning and give them their crappy coffee that they made wrong back and sit in one of the comfy chairs all day with good coffee. I want to read blogs about knitting and knit myself. I wonder if I could do both at the same time? I want to move outside when it warms up some and feel the breeze on my face. And sneeze from the pollen that burst into bloom overnight! The cubicle feels small today."

Would you believe, I am one of the only people in the world who would ever complain about this, but Starbucks this morning gave me a grande raspberry mocha with twice the coffee as normal. It was so strong it could have peeled paint off the walls. Surely I will soon grow hair on my chest as a result.... The Starbucks-lady-who-hates-me was making it, left it sitting under the coffee spigot (or whatever you call that) and dispensed coffee into my cup twice. I am a lover of raspberry mochas, not of the flavor of coffee on its own, so this was shockingly strong! I trembled like a toy poodle for the rest of the day.

Maybe that helps to explain why the cube felt so tight today, huh??

It was compounded by the fact that our system was down for the last 3.5 hours of work. Not for the customers out in computer land, just the server that we use to do nearly our entire job. This meant that I went from bored into a stupor to the 4th ring of boredom Hell at work today. I could do NOTHING but stare at the phone and wait for it to ring after 2PM, and I think that only happened once. I feel like I went to work 27 hours ago!! They promised me we would get BUSIER at work, not slow to a crawl.... Where are my lottery winnings?

Today I did get some good news, however. I found out this morning right before going to work that I have six, count 'em, six people subscribed to my blog!!! I know who two of them are. (Ok, I admit it, one of them is me. Don't laugh, you would do it too!!) Taking away me and the ex-boyfriend known only as Butthead (hi, Butthead, you know I love you) that means that potentially FOUR people that I didn't have to pay and who didn't give birth to me are reading my blog. I am beside myself. I don't know what to say now!! (Can you tell from the way I have rambled so far today?) But seriously, this is pressure! Say hi, all you blog readers, don't be shy! I am curious who is checking me out!!

In knitting news, I did finish one sock! I love it! It is beautiful and nearly perfect!! It has these weird points on either end of the grafted seam at the toe, but I am determined to ignore that. Now I really need to start the other one to avoid Sockholm Syndrome. (Remember when I made that up, huh, huh? I knew I would get to slip that in there!) But you know what that means I did, right? I went back to the Cosima. Renewed love flows through my heart for Cuzco from Berroco. It is wonderful, can't say enough. I tried to explain to a non-knitting friend the reasons for keeping many projects going at once, but I don't know if I was successful. One day soon I will endeavor to explore the logic of my knitting schizophrenia.... I am SURE there is logic behind it, just sure.
And hey, my foot over here modeling my pulchritudinous sock, doesn't look freaking enormous, now does it? I think that they have been wrong all along about the unflattering nature of horizontal stripes. This could open up new fashion vistas, I think.
Less than fortuitous news since last we talked.... My crazy mutt, the stupendous Maggie-dog, ate onions again last night. Does this dog care nothing for her own health and well-being?? (Yes, people, onions are doggie killers.) She got up on the stove (yes the stove. Don't ask me how a 14" high dog who has to use a stool to get in my bed gets on the stove.) MOMENTS after the mom told me to put the leftovers from dinner away. I ran from the living room the instant I heard the click of doggie nails on cooking surface, and still she had hoovered the skillet clean before I could get there! I mean, if I hadn't known better, I would have thought that the thing had just come out of the dishwasher. Unbelievable.... I have had Matt watching her like a hawk today for any symptoms of onion poisoning, but so far she seems ok. No barfing or peeing blood and her gums are nice and pink.... Crazy mutt.
The most exciting part of the day was that I took the plunge and bought a sewing machine! I even broke down and got it from the Home Shopping Network! I guess I owed it to them, since they inspired the sewing machine lust I have been dealing with all week.... Apparently they are hosting National Craft Month and as I flipped past on Saturday, they were hawking Singer industrial sewing machines, easy flex pay option of 99.95$ a month!!! I went with the step down from the industrial super-machine, but mine comes with 1000 computerized stitches, so I feel pretty good about it. Now it just can't get here fast enough. They promised me delivery by March 22, but that is a Sunday, so I have my fingers crossed for the 21st. Maybe it will be early! Whoopie!! A sewing machine all my own!
Ok, I think that is enough babbling to make up for not posting this week, don't you!? Now I am off to read more blogs. How will I ever have time to knit since I discovered Google Reader??


N said...

hey! count another subscriber, since I subbed (subed? that doesn't even make sense...anyway) anonymously. Found you on ravelry in the thread about knitting blogs. love your blog btw!

Lisa said...

I've been wondering how many knitters and spinners there are in SC. We'll be moving there over the summer (Greenwood area). You give me hope ;)
Count another subscriber!

Jennifer said...

Hi, subscribers! Welcome, and I am glad to hear fromyou!!!!