Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week.

In response to a special request for pictures of the Maggie Dog, here is my favorite photo of her! She loves her party collar, even though her face seems to promise retribution!! I love that she looks like she is actually frowning in this one.... My sweet doggie!

I am having a very bad week so far. Yesterday, I was supposed to work 8:30 to 8 because of a big release of our software. I got there early to go to a mysterious meeting that turned out to be just for service awards, none of which was for me. When I got back to my desk, I discovered that the software release had been delayed, and NOBODY bothered to tell us.... My whole reason for working almost 12 hours, down the drain, to be repeated later in the week. Sigh. So, instead of letting me get overtime, my boss sent me home at 9:13 to come back at 11. Does that seem worth it???? I can assure you, it isn't. I get home and the world's cutest dog had taken a gigantic poop in the hall. So, false start going to work and then dog poop patrol because my delicate flower of a dog won't go outside in the rain! Then I go back to work at 11 for my normal day, and got three whole phone calls. My goodness what a day!!

I did discover that I am able to knit whole rows with my eyes closed. That is how sleepy I was while I was home in between times driving to work!

Now today, I have spent the entire day with a screaming nightmare of a headache. Seriously....

On the crafting front, my sewing machine came today!! Yippee! And only a few days after I ordered it.... I am very excited, but it is hard for others to tell with this headache. Plus, to cap off my day, I was trying to get the machine out of the box and tore my index fingernail off. I think that is the final straw. I think I am taking headache medicine and going to bed!!

I did some work on Stitches South the other day!! I searched out a hotel that was less than the Renaissance Galleria, but is still much nicer than what I usually spring for.... And only half a mile from the venue! Plus, I have started a sweater for wearing to impress my knitting colleagues. It probably isn't that impressive, really, just the U-tee from Berroco, but I am making it in the so far ill-fated Silky Wool I got on sale. It is olive green! Olive green makes me happy.


lunaticraft said...

Awww, she's so sweet! And with such a cute little collar! And she's sitting so nicely too. We got my pup a collar like that for christmas (only it was red and green), and she wouldn't keep it on for more than 30 seconds.

I'm sorry to hear that your week hasn't been going well, I hope it perks up in the next few days! And enjoy the sewing machine! =D

silfert said...

Sounds like a truly crap-tastic time. Take two skeins of cashmere and text us in the morning.

On the plus side, that IS a mighty cute dog...

Anonymous said...

Your little dog really does look like mine, but shaggier! This picture makes me happy, thank you! I'm sorry you had a bad few days, but from your last post it seems like things are getting better, and I'm really glad. :)

I hope you didn't mind the request, and I hope to see what you do with your new sewing machine.