Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And then I got to the heel....

I must have slept through that part of the class. Seriously. I knitted and knitted and knitted. It was beautiful. Today's post should have included a triumphant turned-heel picture. Sadly, something has gone horribly wrong. My understanding of the toe-up thing is that you get a gusset by doing a decrease at the end of every heel row, and that decrease should close the gap created by turning without wrapping, right? I don't know what I mis-counted, but apparently there was something, because my decreases don't line up with that gap, at all, even after three rows. What has happened? And why was I too overconfident to put in a lifeline?? I don't think that it is going to be at all possible to tink all those short rows, increases and decreases. I think I have to frog the entire sock, in all its half done glory. I am going to try the dangerous method of pulling out the needle (GASP!) and just pulling. Maybe I can put all the stitches back on after I get beyond the mess.... Maybe.

What have I got to lose by trying, anyway, right??

The lovely Camilla, another summer knitting project, was finished on Saturday in time to wear to the sock class. It was fantastic, looked perfect on. And horribly, has grown and grown. And grown. I thought I was going to wear it to work yesterday, show off how fabulous I am, and it is now way too big. (I told you, that is my knitting theme for the summer: GINORMOUS!) I know, it is cotton, it has a reputation for that kind of thing.... But it started out too small, I had high hopes that it would stop at perfect instead of continuing to get wider and longer. Sigh. It looks GREAT on my mom. She is going to replace the yarn so I can try again. Sigh. It is totally worth it. The pattern is fun, it wasn't hard to make, and it really did come out beautifully! Perseverance is key, I guess!!

I brought the Kingscot to work with me today. It hasn't let me down yet, my faithful, intrepid Kingscot. But that doesn't mean that I have been defeated by socks. I shall soldier on!

(And, may I say once again how I love this link-y thingie button?? I must find more things to link!! :-) )

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