Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday update!

I followed a rainbow all the way home from work today. That has just GOT to be a good birthday omen, right? I would have provided a photo or two of the truly bizarre weather we were having this evening, but just as I pulled in the driveway, it faded away. It was all very picturesque. Sigh.

And my mommy made me a Texas Sheet Cake. She loves me. :-) I have not yet begun to make inroads into my birthday cake. Is there anything better than birthday cake for breakfast the day after??

I have made great progress on Kingscot. I am loving this pattern! My romance with the yarn has not ended, and the pattern has been very easy to memorize. I have some slight qualms about EVERY right side being a cable row, but I guess it cuts down on the counting required! I love the depth of the ribbing on this pattern. It is three inches high. Who would have thought that was the kind of detail that would capture me? There is just something about the proportions that is very pleasing.... Norah Gaughan is, as has been pointed out frequently, is a genius!

The back is almost done, and lovely though it is, I am starting to feel the temptation to start something new.... Drat, that Twist Collective debut! Since it is my birthday, happy birthday to me, I bought three patterns instantly! (And apparently it was lucky I got them when I did, 'cause they had technical difficulties soon after!) I have overcome my initial misgivings about paying their prices, probably partly due to the GREAT designs and the very high quality of the pattern writing. If Kingscot is anything to go by, or if the Ravelry finished objects are a standard for judgement, these are some of the most lovely and most reliable patterns available.... More about my favorites tomorrow when I have the energy to capture some pictures and think about things like yarns and queues!!


Kara said...

A birthday rainbow...that is very good!

lunaticraft said...

What a great thing to have happen on your birthday! A rainbow!

Glad to hear that things are looking up for you!