Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lookie what I got....

What's that, you say? Do I spy yarn??
I got my yarn from Miss Babs!!! Whoopie!!! Yep, I came home from work the other day, and there it was. Under the maple tree in the front yard, laid out in a glass bowl, just ready for pictures... Kidding, of course, but I did send it to the yard this (sweltering) afternoon for what turned out to be a pretty accurate picture of the color. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color, made just for me.... If you remember, this is Miss Babs Solo for the Canopy Cardigan. I searched and searched at Stitches South, and finally had to special order to get just what I was wanting. I am barely able to restrain myself from starting today!
Here is a close-up of my fabulous new yarn, the best kind of yarn.... One that I paid for back in April! Yarn love. I am a little sad to notice that she seems to have discontinued this yarn, since is is listed as "Destash" right now. I am glad I got it when I did, then!
I also got a kitty helper for my photo shoot:
Here is the leg-stropping in action! He is so helpful.... And loves me so. When I am outside. Inside, I am persona non gratis. Go figure! We had a fun time, him making sure the evil cat next door understood that I was his human, and me trying to line up a shot without the cat's tail in it! Pretty kitty boy! Here he is, deigning to have his portrait taken:
I also got, wait for it as I extend the grammatical theme, progress made on my On-Hold Socks! They are really too big, but there is just NO WAY I am ripping these out again. Like I said before, I will use smaller needles next pair. Wendy's patterns must run large.... Anyway, they are absolutely lovely, if I do say so myself, and have cemented my adoration of semi-solid yarn for all time.
And guess what this is:
That's right! It is a digital cable box/DVR for the den! Oh, joy of joys! Hallelujah! Life is good again.... Matt has taken over the living room for sleeping and his cats pee on the ginormous couch that he has in there, so we weren't getting to DVR Torchwood. Woe is me. So we called today and then RACED over to Time Warner to pick up the box, for only 20$ more a month! I am so happy. Right now we are watching Engineering an Empire on History International, and we can't wait for Top Gear at 5:00. Oh, Hammond, how I have missed you.... Have I mentioned how happy I am?? Graham Norton, here I come!


Anonymous said...

um, have i mentioned yet that i am completely obsessed with yellow right now? that is some droolworthy yarn. also, those socks look lovely -- boo that they don't quite fit...but they will fit someone! (or they can be extra warm over-another-pair in winter...)

Kara said...

Ooh, pretty yarn for a pretty cardi!

silfert said...

I can't decide which I like more: the cool and groovy yarn, or the stunning cat.