Sunday, June 21, 2009

Road Trip!

Above, see the lovely old campus of my dear alma mater, UNC Chapel Hill... I drove up to see my friend Meredith and we took a walk at school after lunch. It was about 423 degrees in the shade. That is why I believe there are no other people visible in this picture. They are all smarter than us and in air-conditioned buildings!

We had fun, though! Meredith and I always do, even though we are very, very different people. We argue about politics and stuff, but we always love each other and it never gets personal.... It is so good to have friends!

Here some pictures from our very pleasant, if blisteringly hot, day. We sat by the fountain in front of the graduate school... It was either that or expire of heat prostration before we could get over to the student stores.... (which have been ENTIRELY remodeled since we were there last! It was kind of surreal, coming back and things have changed. How dare they not keep the place as a memorial to my attendance??) I found a way to keep cool, which you can see in my very unprofessional and blurry picture that I snapped. The water was ICY cold! It was awesome, though I felt a little paranoid about security guards showing up at any moment and banishing me from fountain foot dandling.... At first glance, it looks as if I could be naked in that picture, which I assure you is NOT true! Though it is a little disturbing how khaki-capri-colored my skin truly is, huh??

All in all, I hadn't realized how much I missed school.... I loved it there, loved going to school and writing papers. I vastly prefer classes to meetings. I want to hang out in coffee shops surrounded by earnest students on laptops. I want to think about art history all the time! I want to read smart books. (I know I could do that any time, but I have a hard time staying motivated without a class deadline!) Eventually, I will go back. I am thinking about Duke. Meredith wholeheartedly agrees with that plan, since I would be closer to her!

I did get some knitting on On-Hold Sock number two, but somehow this morning, possibly still under the influence of Tylenol PM from the night before, I screwed up a lace row so badly that there was no recovery.... I was still less than two inches in, so it wasn't nearly so painful as the one that I frogged last time, where the foot was completely done. As soon as the blog post is done, I am going to cast on once more.... Thank goodness this yarn is holding up!

Ohhh, and we went to see The Proposal yesterday. It was adorable! I love Sandra Bullock, have always thought that Ryan Reynolds was hilarious, and now I want to seriously seem him naked once more! Who would have thought that he would look like that under his clothes?? It has been too long, methinks.... ;-)


Ian said...

Nice pictures! What fun!

Anonymous said...

i did not know you had a blog! (it didn't show up in my wordpress comments, so i assumed you were blogless.) i will be reading! and yay for joining the KAL!