Sunday, October 18, 2009


The headline has nothing to do with the fact that I have now failed at Blogtoberfest. :-( I forgot to post yesterday. I think that the above alarmed exclamation goes along with the seriousness of my transgression, though, don't you? I started posts twice yesterday, couldn't get it to do what I wanted and gave up. I guess starting the posts fooled my memory....

I will have to post twice today to make up for it!!

Anyway, the headline refers to the walk that we TRIED to take the Maggie-dog on yesterday. We got up, bundled up against the chill (HEY, its not nice to laugh at me!! Here 50 degrees is COLD!!), and got all the way to the first corner, being dragged behind the multi-colored butt of our favorite mutt. Then, right before sniffing out the messages at the first corner, her favorite spot for picking up missives from the day before and leaving her own little telegram for the neighbor dogs, she went on COMPLETE alert. Hackles up, straining to go the wrong direction, serious alert. I turned my head, and 20 feet away stood the Sasquatch of husky dogs. Ok, it wasn't THAT big, but it was larger than the huskies I am used to dealing with, and its size was exaggerated by the hostile stance it had taken, like nothing I have ever encountered in person.... I have run into the occasional loose dog in my time, and discretion being the better part of valor, have steered clear... Those dogs were probably just goofy-guy dogs with no evil intent that I unfairly judged to be scary, but my momma didn't raise no fools. I am not sticking around to find out! This dog, on the other hand, had its head down and its laser beam gaze locked on my tasty little morsel of a doggie like it was a robot dog programmed to kill.... We immediately turned around and DRAGGED our loudly protesting dog back to the safety of the house. The scary dog stayed RIGHT behind us to the end of our driveway. I thought there was going to be bloodshed, seriously....

Once we got the dog inside, and the scary dog was distracted by the dog-pee bulletin board across the street, I spent a silly ten minutes chasing the cats around the yard until I could get them all inside. What can I say, they are cats, they don't know that I am running behind them for their own safety!

That was our big adventure for the day. I will post about today later, promise!!

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Virginia said...

50 degrees IS cold. I can't make too much fun of you, as I've been begging, begging, I tell you, to have our furnace turned on in our apartment building. All the native New Yorkers laugh at me. Sigh.