Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RIP, beloved video card.

This post was going to be about my mixed feelings regarding variegated yarn. I have been thinking about that a lot today, for some bizarre reason. It was either that or talk about the weird, weird dreams I have been having about men from my past.... But maybe we shouldn't go there!

However, there has been tragic news in the Shameless blog land:

Sadly, I believe the video card in my laptop has gasped its last.... I am very sad. Especially since I can't replace it anytime soon! My brother, much more of a computer genius than I am, despite my IT job, says that it would be more expensive to replace the video card than the computer is worth.... Sigh.

At least all the information seems to be safe. I did manage an online backup before I lost all ability to see what was happening inside its little brain... That is why you aren't witnessing wailing and rending of hair here at Jennifer's house!!

What this ultimately means is that there will be no pictures in my blog for a while. My mom's desktop has VISTA, which hates my blog.... No matter what I do, I can't seem to successfully arrange pictures when I am working from this machine. Maybe I will be able to get something uploaded to Flickr before too long and then I could get them to the blog from work. I believe some strategizing is in order..... (See Jennifer twirl her metaphorical mustache....)

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