Friday, October 16, 2009

must.... have..... pictures.....

I am really tired of the pictureless posting. I have therefore stolen a picture of my NORO colorway from the internet. Sadly, you will have to imagine the way it is working up as Ishbel for a while longer, but take my word for it, it is SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEALIDOSIOUS. (Can you tell I am operating under significantly less headache now?) The first three stitches were done in a very dark steely grey. I LOVED it, but started to worry that it was going to be too dark for Meredith's taste. However, I have gone through light grey, ocean blue, lavender and green now.... The colors are so beautiful and harmonious. Sigh. Noro love! I can't wait for the pop of the bright turquoise! I did some more work on it yesterday before the nightmare began with my head, but decided to prudently leave it alone for the rest of the evening.

Now I am all about SAFF planning. We leave next Friday morning! One week to go!! Tonight I am going to FINALLY block Kingscot's sleeves to get that done. I am also going to make a valiant weekend attempt to finish the Norah Gaughan jacket that I have almost finished for The Mom so that we can be sort of matchy-matchy one day! Of course, one is blue and has no openwork at all, and one is red and full of lacy holes.... But since they are both Norah and both made by me, WE will know we are matchy-matchy!

What patterns in my queue should I get yarn for?? That is always the biggest question! Miss Babs, here I come!

Who am I kidding?? ALPACAS and BUNNIES here I come!

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