Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend progress!

I actually got lots of things accomplished this weekend, even if I finished none of them. Not completely, anyway....

Yesterday, I worked on the Kingscot. I sewed the shoulder seams and put the neckband on, which looks great if I do say so myself! But let me say, I will freaking LOSE MY MIND if this sweater is too small when it is finished.... Just letting you know. I started the button band immediately.... But that is boring, so.....

I started a pair of socks for Christmas when I got home!! They are going to be so beautiful! I will show them later, since this blog could possibly be read by the recipient.

And then, to keep from actually finishing anything, I blocked my Ishbel! Here it is in progress: Then, in progress with blocking's arch-nemesis, the cat! How kind of her that she was laying on the towel, not the shawl! But doesn't she look like there would be blood if I tried to move her??
Went to a party at Susan and John's last night. They are great, seriously. They always have an incredible mix of people there, but they all know each other and tend to talk to each other, mostly professors from Francis Marion and their families. I am too shy to start a conversation with a group of people who are already cozily chatting with each other, so I spend most of those parties feeling like I am gazing through a window at something I want but can't have.... That could be depression speaking, too, but mostly it is the pathological shyness that I have had since grade school. Sigh. To lighten things up a little, here are some pics of the festivities. First, Mom and Susan:

The the family dog, Weezie (I didn't name her!!), enjoying the new hardwood floors! Gotta love a happy dog.

Lastly, here is Buttercup, enjoying the newly discovered cat hammock that the recliner creates. She is so pretty!


Shary Bobbins said...

Hey Jennifer!

I just wanted to say how jealous I am of your knitting skills! I love the colours you have used in the sweater you're making, it looks really pretty.

Hopefully your kitty will let you finish it- she looked pretty comfy in the pic! At least she was considerate enough to lay next to the sweater, not on it!

x Lauren

lunaticraft said...

WOW. That is stunning. Seriously.

hetty said...

Hi Jennifer! I just discovered your blog through Blogtoberfest and I just had to leave you a comment. I love your shawl! Wonderful colours. And when I saw your cat, Buttercup, I was hooked. She looks exactly like a cat we had years ago namen, Tobi. He was the best! So I will probably be back soon to see more photos. You are the first Blogtoberfest participant that I have commented on. So far I don't think too many people have stopped by my blog, but perhaps they have just been lurkers, like me up until now. Have you noticed any new readers? Just wondering.