Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Take two flu shots and call me in the morning....

I can say that I seriously don't recommend getting TWO flu shots, in two separate arms, in the same day.... But now I should practically be bulletproof!!

Almost called this post "An ode to Dr. Emerson." She is fully awesome, as Rino the Hamster would say. She listens better than any doctor I have ever been to.... I went because I didn't feel like the Zoloft was doing the trick any more. I have really been struggling for the last couple of months.... And since I can't spend the next four years in bed with the covers pulled up, no Barrett-Brownings here, I needed to do something about it. She has changed me over to Prozac, which I start tomorrow.... We shall see. Good news being that since it is the same class of drug as the Zoloft, there shouldn't be any adjustment to it or any withdrawal from the Zoloft!

She also discovered that my blood pressure is shockingly high. I almost called this post 159/107, which is today's scary number. She is worried that I could have a stroke. And her worry makes me worry. I have become convinced that I can feel the pressure about to blow in my carotid artery! (I am cursed with a good imagination and a relatively clear understanding of anatomy....) I start a new drug for that tomorrow, too. (Just what I needed this month, when I shouldn't be spending money- lab tests and new prescriptions.)

Anyway, maybe I will be feeling better soon. More energetic.... for the walks that we are going to be taking with the doggie in the morning!! (Good for the ole' blood pressure, doncha know!)

In knitting news, MAN am I missing the ability to upload pictures! I have already gotten to the lace rows on my Ishbel, which is what a two hour trip to the doctor's office will get you, and this is the very most lovely multi-colored yarn I have ever worked with. It is like the ocean at night! I love it so much that I actually considered using the work copier to scan it and email it to myself. Now THAT would have been a great picture, huh?? I couldn't figure out how I would explain what I was doing if someone walked in on me.... :-)

I have decided that what I want for Christmas is Best Buy gift certificates, so I can get something going, computer-wise. I am lost without it.... RIP, sweet computer!

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Ian said...

Good idea getting a flu shot. We've been sick for a week now. Thankfully, we put a TV in the bedroom, so at least we caught up on some new shows like FlashForward, Glee, and Wicked.