Monday, October 12, 2009

Another boring post without pictures....

I am starting to bore myself, babbling about knitting without anything to show for it!! While I did finish sewing on the button-hole side of the button bands, and seriously contemplated actually blocking the sleeves, I still have no ability to upload pictures. Frustrating!

When I discarded the idea of bestirring myself to block sleeves, I picked up the Christmas present socks.... Turned the heels and did both heal flaps. I have begun to despair of ever knitting a heel flap without a big hole where I start knitting in the round again. I even did the trick this time where you make one and knit it together with the first stitch on the next needle, and no luck. I am going to have to stick to lacy socks, so you can't tell the hole wasn't on purpose!!

Nothing else happened today, so I shall sign off.... Working from home is nice, but definitely is less story-worthy!!

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