Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where in the world is Jennifer's cardigan today??

Went to Charleston this morning with the Mom. She had to meet with a lawyer who is going to help with a mock trial workshop she is giving.

Which meant that I had LOTS of time to knit on the button band for the Kingscot. It truly is the most tedious, annoying thing I have ever knitted, this button band.... But I have to admit that Norah is a genius! It is SO beautiful! This evening, watching Sunshine Cleaners and two weeks of Private Practice on the DVR, I sewed the left front on the sweater. It is perfect! No puckering, just all flat and lovely. I just think it needs to be steamed to have the same texture as the rest of the pieces.... Tomorrow, I shall embark on the adventure of knitting the half that has button holes. Wish me luck!

The Mom and I had planned to do some tourist-y things, but we got down there and changed our minds, collectively. It was 90 degrees and the humidity must have been 95%. That is not that hot for here, but it felt miserable, like swimming through hot soup, and we just couldn't take it. Going to lunch at Cortile del Ray was considered, as well as going back the coastal way, but after much debate, we came home and didn't spend any extra money. (Every dollar we spend before SAFF is a dollar we can't spend AT SAFF!!)

So, basically we took a four hour trip to have coffee at Starbucks. Sounds just like us!

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Anonymous said...

yay for button bands! i'm glad to hear that your cardigan is getting to do some exploring...