Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy cow.

SOMETHING is giving me a nightmare of a headache. It is a toss up between the orange juice that I had this morning and the two new drugs that I started today.... Normally, I would not blog about the demoralizing, mind-numbing agony I am in right now, but it is Blogtoberfest, and I am trying REALLY hard to meet the challenge. So, you the readers, have to suffer through belly-aching. Because seriously, my head hurts so badly that I can't formulate a sentence that isn't about that.

Tomorrow, if I am still alive, I will talk about knitting. Maybe how I love Noro.

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Shary Bobbins said...

Feel better Jen! When I get a bad headache I use it as an excuse to watch all the TV I want without feeling guilty!
I'm sure you'll be posting again in no time!

x Lauren