Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yet another WIP.

I felt dangerously close to finishing the Kingscot cardigan, and so I had to cast on for something else! It is a sickness, I tell you.... My justification was that there is no more knitting to do for Kingscot and the socks in progress are hurting my fingertips after working on them all day yesterday. That is pretty good, as far as justifications go, I feel!

So, what I started was another Ishbel for a Christmas present this time. It is going to be GORGEOUS! I am making it from a color of Kureyon Sock (S150) that I bought for me, but I think it will work well for Meredith. It is so pretty... blues and greys and turquoise.... I am going to covet this as I give it away.... But she is worth it!

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lunaticraft said...

Oooo. Sounds like it's going to be beautiful!